Monday, June 29, 2009

Bus Carpet (c) 2009

We have several new projects spinning up in my group, as well as several new releases or add-ons for existing projects. It's good when your products are popular and are needed by many different contracts/customers. It's bad when you are one of the very few people who has worked on (or led, in my case) nearly all of these products and so people keep asking for "just a little bit of time" to review a design or answer a question from the field or interview some new folks. I haven't been able to touch my "real" assignment (designing a replacement for our geospatial + full text alerting app) in a couple of weeks.

When another developer here in my group suggested me along with another overloaded teammate as folks who may be able to do some testing of a new REST api on one of the products, he was kind enough to phrase the request as "tossing some names under the bus," indicating that he knew the people attached to the names were overbooked. My response? "There have to be more bus carpet names than Jeff and I for everything."

While not a full Googlenope as defined by Gene Weingarten, I think it is original in its usage. So I hereby submit my addition to the blogsphere lexicon:

Bus Carpet - Someone who is tossed under the bus with great frequency.

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